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To address the escalating demands of educating students with ASD, Gateway offers Direct Therapy with home/community ABA service and school shadow support. On a broader level, we’re able to provide the consultation and training needed for you to establish your own internal Autism Enrichment Program — thereby saving substantially on your outsourcing costs.

Training workshops for educators

Gateway’s training team can assist you by increasing the confidence of your staff to work with a wide variety of learners, thus maintaining students within LRE district placements and reducing costs associated with NPS and NPA services.

Our team is proud to have trained hundreds of district staff in California, holding Master Contracts with most districts and SELPAs throughout California. We collaborate with administrators to perform needs assessments for districts and develop individualized program improvement plans.

BH100 – Basic Principles of Behavior

Teaches staff to understand and use behavioral principles to improve student outcomes and decrease behavior problems in the classroom.

BH101 – Behavior Management 101: Functions of Behavior

Supports your team in using best practice, data-based decision making to define problem behavior, identify the function that is most likely maintaining the behavior, and determine an intervention that matches the perceived function.

BH103 – Tactics for Classroom Behavior Management

Presents 10 methods of individual and group based interventions to increase student engagement, decrease problem behavior and sustain a healthy learning environment.

BH104 – Developing Effective Behavior Support Plans

Supports teachers in creating behavior plans that are more effective and legally defensible.

TE100 – What Motivates You?

Supports staff in identifying potential reinforcers for their students and instructs them on how to use these items to increase student responding.

TE102 – Structured Teaching Strategies

Provides an overview of structured teaching methods to increase student independence, task completion and following routines (e.g. TEACCH, visual schedules, PSI).

TE103 – Moving from 1:1 to Group-Based Instruction: ABA in Classroom Settings

ABA therapy is often provided in a 1:1 format. However, specific applications of this science can also be highly effective in teaching small groups of students. Staff will learn how to determine when a learner is ready to move from individual instruction to a group model, including specific group-based behavioral instructional methods.

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Addressing the challenge

Each school year, more and more students receive ASD diagnoses presenting greater demands on your already stretched budgets.

At Gateway, our Strategic Advisory experts have guided many school districts and other educational organizations in developing their own Autism Enrichment programs resulting in better outcomes and lower outsourcing expenditures. In certain cases, outsourcing costs can be cut by as much as 76%.

Why districts choose us

One reason is that a high percentage of our Behavior Analysts are former classroom teachers who are intimately aware of the needs of district staff as well as what represents best practices in educating students with autism. We use therapeutic techniques that help students to generalize and maintain their new skills in classroom settings.

Helping establish and maintain your internal AE Program, end-to-end.

Our Gateway consultants have considerable experience working with school districts and other organizations to establish Autism Enrichment Programs.

First, we assess any Autism Services you currently offer.From there, we devise a program and develop curricula customized to fit the needs of your specific student populations.

Next, to ensure the success of your program, we offer professional development training to help your instructional teams utilize the principles of ABA and learn to collect and analyze data that guides decisions on individual student progress and development.

Once your program is up and running, we provide ongoing support, counsel and training for your teams.

We’re pleased to provide Gateway Strategic Advisory Services to clients worldwide.

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If you’d like to know more about us, we invite you to contact us by email to schedule a time to speak with a Regional Director. We look forward to hearing from you.