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Helping young people with autism

At Gateway Learning Group, we cultivate learning, language, behavior and social skills for individuals with autism and other special needs.

Using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) we design and implement an individualized therapy program for each child based on his or her particular needs and interests.

Our staff is caring, well trained and credentialed, and represent the very finest in our field. (As you can see, we’re quite proud of our people here at Gateway.)

During the intake process, our supervisors work closely with families to determine the approach that is best suited to the child. All treatment approaches are proven to be effective for our clients with autism, and are enjoyable for them as well.

To provide comprehensive support for our clients and their families, we also collaborate with educators and health professionals.

Most of all, we love working with each child and enjoy sharing in their sense of pride, joy and accomplishment as they succeed.

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